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Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Ministers, Worship Leaders and musicians...Are you tired of experiencing mediocre music? Is your music department experiencing “burnout”? Is your Praise and Worship team laboring because of poor music accompaniment?

Well, your prayers have been answered! Let Minster Ernie Allen show you the way! Minister Ernie Allen, Jr. has made a name and living for himself as a musical force to be reckoned with!

He is an anointed, musician, preacher and music minister who has played and performed with such gospel greats as The Winans, Fred Hammond, Commissioned, The Late Timothy Wright, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Karen Clark-Sheard, Albertina Walker, The Late Rev. Milton Brunson, Lemmie Battles, The Clark Sisters, The International C O G I C Mass Choir, John P. Kee, Ricky Dillard, Mark Hubbard, Vashawn Mitchell, The Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park Mass Choir, The St. James Radio Choir, The National Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Mass Choir, just to name a few.

Minister Ernie has also been blessed to accompany many powerful and anointed pastors, preachers, prophets, and prophetesses such as Apostle William A. Ellis, Pastor W. James Campbell, Bishop TD Jakes, Pastor Noel Jones, Pastor Carlton Pearson, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Prophet Todd Hall, Pastor Titus Stewart, Pastor Darrell Hines, Dr. I.V Hilliard, Prophetess Iona Locke, Bishop G. E. Patterson, Bishop Arthur M. Brazier, Bishop Charles E. Blake, and the list goes on and on!

Minister Ernie Allen’s music career and ministry spans over three decades and he remains an accomplished and highly sought after music professional. Why not let his 30 years of experience teach you how to transform your church service from a dead dry event to a place where fresh oil is poured out every time you gather together to exalt the name of The Lord!

With this powerful instructional DVD series, Church Basics, you can experience life-changing praise and worship in your churches. Pastors you can experience spiritual, dynamic and effective music accompaniment as you preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are part of a traditional church or representing a contemporary church, Church Basics can help you move your congregants from the Outer Court…to the Inner Court and ultimately into the Holy of Holies?

Call Minister Ernie Allen at 877-712-5040 or order right here online to get your DVDs today!


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